Field Notes

10th Anniversary

$ 11

To celebrate Field Notes Brand’s tenth anniversary we created this pack featuring reproductions of three early versions of Field Notes.

Old Red: This anniversary version is matte-foil-stamped in white on red Mohawk Carnival 90# cover stock with a “cordwain” texture, and features 32 blank Finch Opaque 60# body pages. with two staples and 1/4"-radius rounded corners.

First Field Notes: Our reprint has been adjusted to the canonical 3.5" x 5.5" size, with a French “Speckletone Kraft” 100# cover, and 32 pages of simulated old-school graph paper printed on 60# Finch Opaque, with two staples and 1/4"-rounded corners.

Brands first Test Run: Ten years later, we’ve copied them so closely that they’re nearly impossible to tell apart from the originals. The specs are familiar now: 80# French Packing Brown Wrap covers, 60# Finch body with a light gray graph and our logo atop each page. Again, they’re one staple short, and the corners are not-quite-round-enough.

Made in USA

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