Traveler's Company

2020 Travel Tools Collection

$ 35

Part of the Travel Tools Collection for 2020, this limited-edition compact pen features a light blue finish that's been playfully embellished with a variety of fun travel accessories. The paint is designed to gradually fade as you use the pen, giving it a pleasant vintage charm.

Like the standard Traveler's Brass Pen, this pen is a Japanese reinterpretation of a classic American writing instrument. It features black ink inside a wooden casing, as well as a solid metal clip and top loop for a keychain or lanyard. This pen is a perfect companion for your Traveler's Notebook and a great way to write on the go!

Material: Brass

Ballpoint Pen 0.5mm 

Dimensions: Capped: 3.8" Posted: 5.4"

Made in Japan

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