2023 Monthly Planner A5 Geometric

$ 15.40 $ 22

A notebook made with the idea of ​​contributing to sustainability, using recycled PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for part of the PVC cover.

An impressive design with a geometric pattern composed of simple lines. The point is the foil stamping that shines in rainbow colors depending on the angle of the light. With a slide zipper, you can store sticky notes, marker pens, etc. and carry them around. It has a slit pocket for tickets, a pocket for business card size cards, and a pen holder.

You can also put postcards and stickers in it and customize it according to your taste and mood. With a basic design, it is an item that you can rely on in both private and business situations.

[December begins/128 pages]

Dimensions: H215xW162xD6mm

Made in Japan

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