Traveler's Company

Brass Fountain Pen Factory Green

$ 75

The Traveler's Company Special Edition Brass Fountain pen in Factory Green- a very limited edition pen for Traveler's Company fans. The pen color Factory Green, was inspired by the Traveler's Factory manufacturing setting. In the Traveler's Factory, the color green is used on floors, doors, and shelves because it is easy on the eyes and helps to create a feeling of safety, and thus creating peace of mind.  Use this Special Edition writing utensil to accompany your Traveler's Notebook. 

The brass body of the pen is finished in Factory Green color, featuring white-printed Traveler's Company embellishments name and logo. Fountain pen measures approximately 4 inches with the cap on; 5.6 inches with cap posted. 

Material: Brass

Nib: Fine

Includes: 1 black ink cartridge

Dimensions: Capped: 4" Posted: 5.6"

Made in Japan

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