Yoshida Porter

Coppi Sacoche

$ 144

Casual series inspired by sacoche for bicycle road races (a shoulder bag to pass snacks and water bottles to racers). Although original sacoche have no gusset and are simply designed, we adopt cushioned pockets to hold tablet devices like iPad and laptops, and sub straps (hip straps) to fix bags to your body when carried on shoulders, to update the products to modern life. Thin design with no gusset yet highly functional with many pockets. Unique texture like chambray is created by using dyed cotton yarn as warp and polyester yarn dyed black at liquid stage before spinning as weft. Water resistant feature is realized by paraffin coating. With oil remained on purpose, the fabric becomes softer as it ages, and creates vintage taste.

Dimensions: W 13" x H 9"

Material: Outside: Cotton polyester ox (Paraffin coating) Inside: Cotton twill (Acrylic coating) Parts: Cow steerhide leather (Tannin tanned)

Made in Japan

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