Wallmug Demita

$ 16

The stylish and fun “DEMITA” is a double-walled tumbler you can use as a reusable coffee cup.

The double-walled design eliminates the need for paper sleeves. It’s great for hot drinks.

It is made out of sturdy material that will not break if dropped.

The two-way lid can also be used with straws, perfect for a wide range of users, from small children to women worried about lipstick smudging.

The lid can be easily disassembled for cleaning.

Material : Material : Polypropylene (Cup, Lid) / Silicone rubber (Lid)

Capacity : 350ml (actual capacity : 290ml)

Max temperature : 130°C (Cup) / 120°C (Lid)

Min temperature : -40°C (Cup, Lid)

Size : W85mm x D85mm x H121mm

Weight : 100g

Dishwasher safe

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