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A5 Writing Pad Tomoe River

$ 18

Tomoe River Paper Company, which produced Tomoe River, discontinued production of Tomoe River in 2021 due to a change in business policy. However, in order to continue Tomoe River, which is used all over the world, the brand was taken over by Miyoshi Paper Mfg. in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, which has been making 52g/m2 pocketbook paper since 1976, and based on its technology, has been using two types of pulp, hardwood pulp (eucalyptus) and softwood pulp (pine, etc.). The raw material design was reviewed and reconstituted to produce the quality of Miyoshi Tomoe River S. The result is a new type of pulp that is more durable and easier to handle than the conventional pulp. As a result, the pulp intertwining of Miyoshi Tomoe River S is more uniform than conventional products, and its surface smoothness and resistance to ink blotting have been improved. In addition, the paper is 5 microns thicker, increasing the paper's firmness. In addition, the new paper has a new feature that prevents paper sagging even when erased with a Frixion pen. Miyoshi Paper Mfg. started full-scale production of Miyoshi Tomoe River S in February 2022. Fountain pen tests conducted by Yamamoto Shigyo showed that even with low viscosity inks such as HERBIN pink and red, the drying time was fast and no bleeding occurred on the reverse side even when drawing over the ink.

Size:148 x 210 mm
Number of sheets: 200
Paper: Sanzen Tomoe River S
Row weight: 52 g/m2
A5 size with ruled line underlay

Made in Japan

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