Yamamoto Paper

A5 Writing Pad

$ 18

New Chiffon Cream is a light cream-colored bulky book paper with thickness, lightness, and moderate firmness. [Bulk book paper was developed to meet the needs of the publishing industry for a paper that is light enough to carry easily and has the proper firmness and thickness to make it easy to turn the pages. The density of the paper fibers is controlled by a special technology using a surfactant jointly developed with Kao Corporation, which manufactures detergents and other products, while the firmness of the paper is maintained. In addition, printed characters and photographs do not bleed through, and the paper has excellent printability. Furthermore, New Chiffon Cream is a neutral paper product, so it does not fade easily and has excellent preservation properties. In ink tests conducted by Yamamoto Shigyo, there was no ink stretch, no blotting, and no back-through even when rubbed immediately with high-viscosity inks; with low viscosity inks such as HERBIN pink*red, some blotting and back-through were observed. However, the rough surface of the paper, which can be felt through the nib, is very pleasant. Unfortunately, the brand name was discontinued at the end of March 2022. 

Size: 148 x 210 mm
Number of sheets: 100

Made in Japn

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