Carry-Tite Clear

$ 25

Carry-Tite is a clear two-way storage case. Since it uses a durable tarpaulin fabric, it is resistant to dirt and water and can be used regardless of the scene. Fold the Medium size in three to make it into a pen case, and fold it in half to make it a little vertically long like a pouch. The Small size can be used as a coin purse or card case by folding it in three, and as a pen case by folding it in two. In addition, the Carry-Site has a D-ring on the sides, so it's recommended to use it as a neck strap or sacoche with an optional cord.

HIGHTIDE is a brand established in Fukuoka, Japan in 1994, specializing in office supplies and stationery.

Material: PVC

Small: W 4.6" x H 3.0" x D 0.2"
Medium: W 7.5" x H 6.0" x D 0.2" 

Made in Korea

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