A5 Flat Notes

$ 12.50
A collaboration between Nakamura Printing Office's horizontally open notebook that opens 180 ° flat and kleid. There is no step in the center and it can be used in A4 size spread, and it can be saved as a single sheet of paper by removing the page. Using 2mm grid and "OK fools paper", we injected the essence of kleid such as the grid of the cover that shines casually and the heading label.

Uses "OK Fools Paper"

A paper called "Foolscap" in England that often appears in the detective story "Sherlock Holmes Series" published by British author Conan Doyle in the 19th century. This is said to be the root of "Fools paper". Fools paper is Japan's finest writing paper with excellent writing aptitude such as smooth writing and good ink absorption. It goes well with fountain pens and has raids and watermarks that are unique to high-quality paper.

Size: 8.3" × 5.8"

Paper: 50 sheets (Fools paper) 

Made in Japan


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