Pull Push Products.

Cottage Incense Pot

$ 78

Pull Push Products.

Based in Kyoto, Pull Push Products. is a crafts brand, engaging with every process of product development directly, from planning original products to manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. Created out of concepts of material and story, their items place an importance on the sense of fun and the joy of texture experienced when using them. Expressing the delicacy and compassion that eludes the machine-made, PULL PUSH presents products that convey the warmth of the designer.

"COTTAGE INCENSE POT" is an incense burner made of mortar with the motif of a cottage built on a meadow.
When you burn incense and cover it with the house-shaped cover, smoke rises from the chimney.

The incense and incense stand in the last photo are not included. You can use commercially available cone-type incense.

Dimensions: 3.3" x 3.1" x 3.7"

Made in Japan

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