2 Way Cutter

$ 16

A handy pair of scissors with dual purposes!

Utilizes a sliding mechanism that doesn't require a covering.
By gently squeezing the handle and sliding it, you can instantly switch between "Cutter mode" and "Scissors mode" with one hand.

The "Cutter mode" allows opening cardboard boxes with the 3mm blade while the main blades are closed.

The "Scissors mode" allows cutting PP bands or clothing tags.

Allows easy opening by aligning the guide at the front of case to to cardboard box.

Features a strap hole for tying a string to hang the scissors.

●Blade type/ Titanium
●Blade dimensions/ 35(mm)/ 1.2(in)
●Plate thickness/ 1.5(mm)/ 0.05(in)
●Outer dimensions/ Full length:113、Width:13(Blade retracted)(mm)/Full length:4.4、Width:0.5(Blade retracted)(in)

※Do not cut hard objects or thick paper (such as milk cartons or cardboard paper).
※Use of these scissors other than its intended purpose can result in injury.

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