Twist and Test Cartridge Sampler

$ 8

Decisions are hard to make, especially when it comes to choosing one of the beautiful Kaweco ink colours. To make this decision, the Kaweco Twist&Test cartridge dispenser with eight different Kaweco ink colours is now available.

The turquoise-coloured organisational talent with a white Kaweco logo print impresses with sophistication: It fits in every bag and is the perfect companion for all prolific writers. By default, the cartridge dispenser contains eight ink cartridges. In addition to the intense colours Ruby Red, Palm Green, Paradise Blue and Sunrise Orange, the Twist&Test also includes soft shades like Midnight Blue, Summer Purple, Caramel Brown and Smoky Grey.
Afterwards, you can refill the cartridge dispenser again and again with your favourite ink colours.

Tip: To avoid unsightly colour contamination when changing the colour of the ink cartridges, we recommend our Kaweco cleansing syringe for quick and thorough cleaning of the pen.

Includes 8 cartridges

Fits any Sport Fountain Pen and Perkeo Fountain Pen

Made in Germany

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