Life A5 Grid Notebook

$ 17
Original paper made by Life Co., Ltd. with instructions on quality from the manufacturing stage. Neutral paper that can withstand long-term storage, with a smooth feel and high-quality writing paper with a raid that minimizes ink smearing and strikethrough. You can enjoy the two colors of "Cream" and "Cream" with a beautiful contrast of ink with various writing instruments such as fountain pens, ballpoint pens and pencils. 

In addition to the classic appeal of Life's unique "L writing paper" and other features, it uses 2mm grid, cream and white two-color paper, giving it a functional arrangement unique to kleid.In addition, the design of the college logo reminiscent of apparel gives off a unique presence. 

Noble notes

The Noble series condensed the concept of "manufacturing" since the establishment of Life. "Note that can be used with a fountain pen", "robust binding", "modern design" is a concept made for those who love writing, three concepts.Sturdy and beautiful bookbinding is carefully made by craftsmen in downtown Tokyo.

Size: 8.25" × 5.8"

Cream Paper: 100 sheets 2mm grid (L writing paper) 

Made in Japan


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