Multi Pen

$ 34

OHTO Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan was founded in 1919. 
It is one of the longest established pen manufacturing companies in Japan. 
In its long history, the company has made a number of advanced inventions and left its mark in the writing instrument industry of Japan and the world as well.

A multi-function pen with a comfortable knurled grip section and hexagon barrel. Equipped with a 0.7mm black ballpoint tip, 0.7mm red ballpoint tip, and a 0.5 mm pencil tip. The tips are gravity activated - just rotate the pen so that the function you want is upright (white or black dot for black ink, red dot for red ink and 0.5 for mechanical pencil) then press the cap. To retract the point, push the button on the clip. 

Dimensions: 5.7"

Material: Brass Body

Ohto Roller Ink 0.7mm Black + Red 

Mechanical Pencil: 0.5mm

Made in Japan

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