Nahe Shopper

$ 15

Functionality that is just right for your takeaway bag. The front mesh pocket can store personal belongings, making it convenient for shopping at convenience stores or as a small sub-bag. 

HIGHTIDE is a brand established in Fukuoka, Japan in 1994, specializing in office supplies and stationery. 

Material: Polyester

Dimensions: W 11" x H 19" x D 7.5"


・ Do not store excessively heavy or sharp objects, or pull the buckle forcibly as it may cause damage.

・ If dirt is noticeable, wipe it off with a neutral detergent, wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth, and dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place before storing.

・ Do not use a washing machine or dryer.-If this product is used or stored in a wet state, it may cause color transfer or mold. The fabric is prone to deterioration, so please dry it thoroughly after use before storing.

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