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Ro-Biki Canvas Cover

$ 40
RO-BIKI NOTE CANVAS COVER" is a new carrying case, designed for a minimalist lifestyle. This makes it easy to carry your all notebooks and daily tools. Each item is carefully sewn by craftsmen, making it simple and multifunctional.

Since the release of the BASIC series in 2010, RO-BIKI NOTE has had several specification changes. It is now available to many people as a special notebook for everyday use.
"RO-BIKI NOTE CANVAS COVER" was created to meet the request of the user to obtain its special cover. In order to achieve simplicity and multi-functionality, we repeated size tests and sewing tests of samples.

Also fits as an insert for Traveler's Notebook leather covers.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 4.4" x 0.9"

Made in Japan

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