Yoshida Porter

Root Sling Shoulder Bag

$ 372

Casual series made of tanned leather and twill material woven with cotton-like 66 nylon spun macaroni yarn called [LightdutyR] which is lightweight, durable and colorfast. Tanned leather with natural texture is placed on some parts to create mature impression and to achieve natural aging process of leather. Also, the item has a functionality of high tech material. Basic color is suitable for everyone. 66 nylon yarn is commonly used for bulletproof vest and air bag, and is rip/friction/heat resistant than regular nylon yarns. Since the yarn is spun with short fibers, it has cotton-like texture. And it is very light because it is a macaroni yarn. Inner materials are in “Gray Marble” and “Beige”, which are different from outer material, so that you can enjoy the color combination. Symmetric fasteners suitable for double sliders are used for smooth opening and closing.

Dimensions: W 7.5" x H 13.3" x D 3.1"

Material: Outside: 66 Nylon Spun Macaroni Yarn Twill (Urethane Coating) Inside: Polyester Cotton Twill (Acrylic Coating) Part: Cow Steerhide Leather (Tannin Tanned)

Made in Japan


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