Storage.It Pouch

$ 11

A renewal model of "Storage It", which is popular for its simple long-selling design regardless of the scene, is now available. Recycled PVC (vinyl chloride) is used for a part of the PVC cover, and it is made with consideration for contribution to sustainability.

A pouch that you can enjoy storing with transparent PVC material. A simple logo is printed on the front. Since it has a gusset, it has more storage capacity than it looks, and you can store thick stationery etc. together. Inside, the back side is a pocket, and you can put slim things such as cards and memos. With pale pastel colors and stylish monotone variations, you can enjoy using them properly depending on the scene.

It is useful for various purposes such as collecting your favorite masking tapes and sticky notes, replacing cosmetic pouches, and collecting tools such as chargers. The size makes it easy to carry around, so it's a perfect item for organizing small items in your bag.

◎ Size / H138 × W180 × D3mm
◎ Weight / approx. 20g
◎ Material / PVC
◎ Specifications / PVC pouch with slide zip (using recycled PVC) ・ 1 pocket inside zip

Made in Japan

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