Yoshida Porter

Unit Shoulder Bag Small

$ 220

This is the "PORTER UNIT" series, which uses the original fabric of Cordura ballistic nylon and incorporates military taste into casual chic.
In addition to the simple design, all parts such as zippers have a matte finish in the same color as the outer material, and the entire bag is designed in one tone to create a calm atmosphere.

The main material is Cordura ballistic nylon, which is durable and has excellent tear and friction strength, and we used an original fabric finished with twill weave for the first time in CORDURA's history. The twill weave has a unique luster and tension and elasticity and the greatest feature is its high durability that can be used for a long time with peace of mind not only for everyday use but also for travel and other occasions.

For the lining, we use olive green nylon ripstop fabric that is common to all colors and gives a military impression in order to have good visibility and the fun of adopting fabrics with different textures. The attached tape part is made from twill weave that matches the texture of the cordura nylon thread used for military gear, which is durable and has excellent tear and abrasion resistance. It is characterized by volume and good touch feeling. In addition, by sewing an original spec tag on the tip of the tape, it expresses a more military feel.


Material: Outer: Cordura Ballistic Nylon Twill (Back: Urethane Coating) Back: Nylon Ripstop (Back: Acrylic Coating) Included: Cordura Nylon Twill Tape

Made in Japan

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