Yoshida Porter

Wall Card Case

$ 126

Accessories made of fine Italian leather with wax finish, with wide color range.
With cut edge and to add a sharper image, soft leather taken from one piece is used to create the round shape for the grip part, this design is noted for its double images.

The leather is taken from a French cows shoulders, tanned by an Italian tannery and finished with wax on both sides. They use natural tannin extracted from chestnut and mimosa trees. After the oil coating, special wax combined with vegetable and animal extracted oil is applied by hand. It gives a white color on the surface, just like traditional bridle leather for harness and shines as it ages.

Dimensions: W 4.3" x H 3" 

Material: Outside: Cow shoulder leather (imported from Italy, tannin tanned) (wax finish for both sides)/Inside: Pigskin

Made in Japan

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