Wallmug Sleek Brew

$ 22

The definitive takeout mug

From its size and silhouette to how it feels when you pour in a drink and pick it up, this is the definitive takeout mug.

The double-walled design eliminates the need for paper sleeves.

You’ll want to use this tumbler everywhere, from day to day use to campsites and travel destinations.

Great size for both hot and iced drinks.

The mouth of the mug has a lid, making it safe for use at your desk or bedside.

The lid makes drinking exceptionally easy.

The Sleek printed with the UNPLUGGED COFFEE graphic series with the theme "A special cup brewed in the open air".

Material : Polypropylene (Cup, Lid) / TPE (Bottom, Lid) / Silicone rubber (Inner cup, Lid)

Capacity : 350ml (actual capacity : 300ml)

Max temperature : 150°C

Min temperature : -40°C

Size : W90mm × D90mm × H130mm

Weight : 110g

Dishwasher safe

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